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Dear Parents and Guardians

It may be a cliché, but it is absolutely true that the beginning of a new year presents new opportunities to do things we had not done before and to improve on what we had done in the past. To quote Oprah Winfrey: “Here’s to the new year and another opportunity to get it right.” As mere mortals we can only strive for perfection, which it is unattainable. But that should not stop us from continually trying to improve.

 This holds true for institutions as well and therefore 2014 presents Strandfontein Primary with opportunities to set new goals and to lay new plans that will help it grow the potential of its learners.  Three main aims have been set for this year: improving the academic performances of our learners, to introduce a positive behaviour programme for learners and to improve the appearance of our school.

The new year has also brought with it changes to the staff of our school. We wish to welcome Mrs Davids, Miss Osman and Mrs Seale to Strandfontein Primary. Mrs Davids and Mrs Seale will do duty in grade 1 while Miss Osman will teach in grade 5. Sadly, the School Governing Body has to bid farewell to Mr Abdullah Regal after serving the school and community tirelessly. A huge “THANK YOU!” goes out to Mr Regal.

In order for our learners to prosper they must be present at school daily and they must be supported in their school work. Parents have the important task of ensuring that their children do homework and revise daily. There is no getting away from the fact that children get better results when they do these things and when their parents are actively involved in their schooling.

Parents are also reminded that learners must be properly prepared for the new year. This means that they must have all the prescribed stationery for their grade. Without the stationery no work can be done. Textbooks will be issued to learners and these must be covered with plastic in order to protect the covers. Parents of learners will be held liable for any losses of textbooks and damages to them.

 Children are expected to be properly attired for school and boys’ hair must be neatly and suitably cut for school. No deviations from the school uniform will be allowed.  It is also expected that learners adhere strictly to the school’s code of conduct. Good education is underpinned by good discipline. 

In order for the school to operate effectively, it is reliant on the school fees paid by parents. Please adhere to the monthly payment plan of R 100 per month over ten months. Fundraisers will be held to supplement the school fees collected from parents. Our first fundraiser is the Surfwalk that will be held on 26 March. Last year’s event was a big success and we hope to do even better this year. In term two the popular food and games evening will take place on 30 May.

Our Spring Day event is scheduled for 5 September and our annual concert will be held on the 4th and 5th of November.  I am very sure that all of these events will be very successful because I know that we can rely on the unwavering support of our community.

Our first parent meeting for the year will be held in the AOG Hall (opposite the school) on Wednesday, 29 January at 7.00 pm. A by-election will be held during this term in order to fill the vacancy left by Mr Regal’s exit from the School Governing Body. A notice in this regard will be sent out during the course of the week.

Regarding improvements to our school: If anyone wishes to offer their time and expertise to help us improve our school, please feel free to make contact with the school. 

Finally, I wish you all the best for 2014 and I look forward to a year in which our school and community will prosper.

Yours faithfully

Mr V. Erfort



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